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The Board of Elk County Commissioners consists of three elected representatives from various districts in Elk County.  Districts are reviewed and, if necessary, modified every few years to maintain a balance of population in each district.

Generally the board meetings are held on the 2nd and last Monday of the month at 1 PM.  See the attached schedule below for any additional dates that may arise for special meetings to deal with unique situations. Meetings are held in the county commissioners room on the 1st floor of the Elk County Courthouse in Howard, KS.

All meetings of the Board are open to the public, and a public forum is held towards the beginning of each meeting so citizens may present their concerns, we encourage the public to participate.  You may request advance notice of regular & special meetings of the Board, by requesting such notice, in writing, through the County Clerks Office.

To see a map of commission districts, click here

To view the current agenda, click here.  Agenda is available to view approximately 1-2 days prior meetings. 

To view prior approved meeting minutes of the Board of Commissioner's, click here

To view resolutions by the Board of Commissioner's, click here

Warrant and Payroll Dates click here

Child Abuse Prevention Month 2023 Proclamation, click here

"It is the public policy of this state “that meetings for the conduct of governmental affairs and the transaction of governmental business be open to the public.”  K.S.A. 75-4317(a).  To learn about open government policies and laws in Kansas, click here.


2024 Scheduled Meeting Dates:

Date Time Date Time
Jan.8 1:00 PM July 8 1:00 PM
Jan. 29 1:00 PM July 29 1:00 PM
Feb.12 1:00 PM Aug. 12 1:00 PM
Feb. 26 1:00 PM Aug. 26 1:00 PM
March 11 1:00 PM Sept. 9 1:00 PM
March 25 1:00 PM Sept. 30 1:00 PM
April 8 1:00 PM Oct. 15 1:00 PM
April 29 1:00 PM Oct. 28 1:00 PM
May 13 1:00 PM Nov. 12 1:00 PM
May 28 1:00 PM Nov. 25 1:00 PM
June 10 1:00 PM Dec. 9 1:00 PM
June 24 1:00 PM Dec. 30 1:00 PM